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With collective liberation at the forefront of her passions, Zuri Adele is best known for her portrayal of series regular ‘Malika’ on the multi-award nominated Freeform series “Good Trouble.” Her character, Malika, is a millennial activist and former foster kid living in a communal space in downtown Los Angeles with her chosen family while balancing her personal life with her abolition practice. Zuri grew up co-parented from the Bay Area to Brooklyn in a family dedicated to artistic expression, spirituality, and education. Zuri has studied acting at Spelman College, the British American Drama Academy, and UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television (TFT). She took her studies to the stage with the SITI Company of New York and BADA in London. She has taught acting at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa and UCLA's TFT.Inspired by the unique and transformative impact of studying theater at Spelman before pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in acting at UCLA, she established the Zuri Adele Fellowship for Historically Black College and University Alumni at UCLA's TFT. She was motivated to start the fellowship by the lack of scholarships offered to HBCU undergraduates, despite the students’ heightened interest in attending. Zuri’s intention is to make MFA training accessible to more HBCU grads and to embolden MFA programs with the perspectives and skillsets that are uniquely shaped by the HBCU experience.Zuri’s lens and artistry are underscored by spirituality, intersectionality, and her commitments to inclusion and wellness. Her own personal brand of activism addresses the imbalance in marginalized communities with access to wellness. After embarking upon her yoga practice, she became a certified Yoga instructor and pioneered the Be Accessible Scholarship at Modo Yoga International, with the intention of making wellness more accessible to people of acknowledged African descent. Zuri is based in Los Angeles, CA, where she continues to pursue and expand her acting career while continuing to lead and curate wellness experiences within her communities.

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Image of actress Zuri Adele in light blue vest and slacks in front of a brown bookshelf filled with books and artifacts. She shares her passion for a personal wellness curriculum and advocates for collective liberation.
December 11, 2023
Zuri Adele, actress and collective liberation advocate, shares the life-changing concept of a personal wellness curriculum. Read what it means now.