3 Smart Documentaries That are Bound to Change Your Life

We’re always looking for new documentaries to add to our “must watch” list. And luckily, 2015 seems to be loaded with amazing docs to investigate. While the year has already been jam-packed with some great pics, we found a few smart documentaries that have yet to be released that we’re incredibly excited to see.

1. “That Sugar Film”

You won’t have to wait too long to see this documentary because it’s coming out today. “That Sugar Film” follows the trials and tribulations Damon Gameau faces as he embarks on a body-changing experiment. His question: What will a high sugar diet do to my body? Gameau proceeds to eat seemingly healthy foods that are, sadly, packed with sugar. In addition to changing his diet, Gameau also examines what other “good-for-you” products are packed with sugar, and delves into some of the deeper issues that affect the sugar industry.

2. “He Named Me Malala”

This documentary follows the life and experiences of Malala Yousafzai, the young Nobel Peace Prize winning Pakistani woman who was shot by the Taliban because she was a girl attending school, something extremists look down on. While the film delves into what happened to Yousafzai (how she survived her attack, became a young activist, and won the Nobel Peace Prize), it also examines her everyday life, and her beautiful relationship with her family. This film doesn’t have an official release date, but will come out in October 2015.

3. “How to Change the World”

Greenpeace has been around for so long that many of us don’t even remember how the organization got its start. This documentary is here to remind us. “How to Change the World” follows the “the earliest days of Greenpeace, detailing the group’s evolution from loose collection of activists protesting a nuclear test to structured organization taking on the whale hunting industry,” according to Flicks.com.

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