3 Unique Food Combinations You’re Going to See (and Taste) Everywhere in 2016

Get these unique food combinations in your mouth.

You know that there are all sorts of strange flavor combinations that people love to nosh on. Well, if you have an adventurous palette, you’re going to love the following news, and if you hate unconventional tastes – prepare your taste buds…

Wacky, weird, food trends are in this year. That’s right. All throughout the United States, people are clamoring to try spicy foods that also feature tangy flavors, and are eating food parts they wouldn’t have touched two years ago.

Still not convinced you’ll be a fan of unique flavor combinations? Let us convince you. Scroll down to see how some people — and how some professional chefs — are combining unique flavors to make incredible dishes.

Unique flavor combinations, tangy and hot

1. Heat and Tang

According to McCormick chefs, people are going crazy for hot food paired with tangy accents. “Spicy flavors from ingredients like Peruvian chilies — rocoto, aji amarillo and aji panca — are contrasted with such tangy accents as lime, rice vinegar, tamarind, Meyer lemon, cranberry and kumquats,” WCFCourier reports. One item that perfectly highlights both of these flavors is Sambal. Sambal is a Southeast Asian chile sauce that goes well with stir-fry and seafood.

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Unique food combinations, fermented

2. Variety and Texture

Some chefs are opting for mere variety – as in a variety of flavors and textures. “How food and beverages are prepared, such as fermenting, pickling and smoking, is becoming significant. We created an array of flavors based on specific preparations to appeal to a wide audience,” Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications at Comax Flavors, says. So, don’t be surprised to see lots of fermented foods, and items like coconut vinegar and picked artichoke on menus this year.

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Unique flavor combinations, combos

3. Mix it Up

Everything – and we mean everything – is going into burgers this year. Combinations that range from juice pulp and stale rye, to carrot pulp are ending up in veggie and meat patties. These combinations taste interesting and they also are sustainable, reinforcing the fact that the “root-to-stalk sentiment” is here to stay, Food Business News reports.

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