38 Pollutants found in 10 Brands of Bottled Water!

I’m thirsty, I forgot my reusable, stainless steel refillable drinking bottle, and I’m on the road. So yes, I’ll buy a bottle of water…I hate when it happens, but once and awhile, it does.

Now I – and all of us – have reason to hate it even more.

The amazing researchers at the Environmental Working Group just published the results of an investigation proving that the purity of many store-bought bottles of H2O cannot be trusted.

Highlights – and hard truths – of the report include that in 10 unnamed brands (typical of research studies, but what EWG dubs a ‘representative snapshot’ of bottled water brands), the following common urban wastewater pollutants were found, including:

• caffeine

• pharmaceuticals (Tylenol);

• heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive isotopes

• fertilizer residue (nitrate and ammonia)

• a broad range of other, tentatively identified industrial chemicals used as solvents, plasticizers, viscosity decreasing agents, and propellants.

And we’re paying for this?

Years ago, I installed a simple water filter in my home because I was never really a fan of buying water that came in a plastic bottle for three reasons.

1. My Mom can’t drink water that comes from a plastic bottle – she has an allergic reaction. This was my first tip that something wasn’t right with drinking water from plastic bottles, and it tastes funny.

2. It is expensive.

3. It created more recycling and trash then I cared to handle.

My solution: don’t buy it and invest in a simple water filter (keeps my weekly grocery bill at a minimum!).

My next step: buy a whole house water filtration system. In my upcoming member site, I go into water filtration systems solutions for you (keep a look out for the launch via our newsletter, sign up if you have not done so already).

Share your thoughts with me on what water filtration systems you like.

Drink safe, Laura

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