4 Important Documentaries to Watch and Support Right Now

Watch all of these important documentaries.

There are documentaries and there are important documentaries. The film documentaries we’ve listed in this article are moving, concern the environment and sustainability, and are incredibly important.

1. “Seeds of Time”

The “Seeds of Time” follows Cary Fowler, an agriculture pioneer, as he works with a group of like-minded farmers to save one of the world’s most precious resources: seeds.

The film aims to educate the public about the importance of seed diversity. The film also examins a group of indigenous Peruvian farmers who are working to preserve more than 1,500 native varieties of potatoes. “Through the guidance of activist Alejandro Argumedo and the help of the International Potato Center gene bank in Lima, several communities join forces to create a new conservation grounds called ‘The Potato Park,’” states the film’s about page.

2. “Pump: The Movie”

The main goal of this film is to highlight just how few fuel options Americans have at modern gas stations. It’s odd, considering there are many different types of fuel (methanol, ethanol, gasoline, CNG (compressed natural gas), and electricity) out there.

“This is the vision fueled by Pump, a documentary film that highlights U.S. consumers’ lack of choices at the filling station. Pump takes viewers on a road trip through history, from monopolists’ schemes to derail public transportation and limit fuel options, to present-day kits and software updates for converting standard automobiles into flex-fuel cars,” states the Mother Earth News synopsis of the film.

The following important documentaries aren’t conventional film docs, but they are still worthy of your time.

3. “The Urban Homesteader”

Ever wish there was a web series that could teach you how to homestead? Well, come October 2015, “The Urban Homesteader,” a homesteading web series will do just that. “The project was launched by the help of an Indiegogo campaign, and in addition to helpful episodes about constructing chicken coops, the “Urban Homesteader” team plans to roll out a site full of how-to guides and forums connecting readers with skill-sharing workshops across the country, as well as pickling aficionados,” reports EcoRazzi.

4. “Dog Mountain: A Love Story”

I heard a portion of this radio documentary on NPR a few weeks ago, and it was incredibly moving. The doc tells the story of Dog Mountain’s original founders, and the people who picked up the pieces of Dog Mountain once the founders were gone.

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