4 Super Clever Drinking Gadgets for All of Your Favorite Beverages

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We spend so much time thinking about what we’re putting into our bodies, but for the most part, we’re considering food. But what about drinks? Beverages are just as important, from water to kombucha to coffee, and it’s time we gave them the same amount of attention, which is why we’ve come up with a list of our favorite drinking gadgets for this summer season.

Some gadgets are for the beverage pro and may cost a pretty penny, but you can up your drink ante with just a few dollars thanks to some of these tools. Take a look at our list and see how you can bulk up your beverage bar this summer… or offer something to your favorite beverage-loving friend!

1. Jack Lalanne Juicer

For healthy, delicious juices this summer season, the Jack Lalanne fusion juicer can’t be beat. This fusion juicer delivers up to 30 percent more juice than other juicers, with a large capacity and two speeds. The extra-large feeder can accommodate most fruits and vegetables, making your favorite juice recipes a breeze to perfect. Jump on the juicing bandwagon and finally see what all those green juice fanatics are going on about!

2. Capresso EC Pro

Some swear by their morning juices, but others need a surefire caffeine boost; the Capresso EC Pro is our pick for the perfect morning espresso. Two separate filters allow you to choose whether convenience or control is the name of the game first thing in the morning. Thanks to these perfectly pulled espressos, you’ll soon be mastering latte art like a pro!

3. The Perfect Coffee Receptacle

Once you’ve mastered the perfect beverage, you need a place to put it! We love Bambooware’s reusable, eco-friendly line, including coffee mugs that you can feel good about using. If you’d rather take full advantage of your perfectly pulled espresso sans milk, these beautiful sorbet-colored espresso cups add a punch of color to the breakfast table.

4. A Place to Put an Evening Tipple

If you’re looking for a place to put an evening beverage, Bambooware also makes tumblers that are perfect for a patio party.

And for a more grape-specific tipple, Wine Punts produces beautiful glasses made from recycled wine bottles in a variety of colors — the perfect gift for any wine-loving friend! We love pouring wine into a decanter first; the tabletop decanter from True Fabrications has a deep punt, mimicking the style of the wine glasses and allowing for more surface area to help the wine breathe even more quickly and be enjoyed that much sooner!

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