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5 Totally Cheers-Worthy Environmentally-Friendly Beers

Buy these environmentally conscious beers.

Beer is great – most any booze lover will attest to that fact. But beer that has an organic, sustainable bent is especially cheers-worthy. Luckily, more and more breweries are trying to jump on the "more environmentally friendly beers" train by unveiling “green” brews.

1. Let’s start with Whole Foods Market Brewing Co. Yeah, the Whole Foods you know and love is beginning to distribute beer. The company’s craft brewery is located in its Post Oak store in Houston, Texas. The first beer Whole Foods released (on August 8) was Post Oak Pale Ale. The company will start distributing the beer throughout Texas come September 18.

2. The company also plans on selling an exclusive beer from another brewing company. Its Green Bay Road Store in Evanston, Ill., “will feature an exclusive beer brewed by Sketchbook Brewing Co., also located in Evanston,” reports New Hope 360. “Made from organic malts and hops locally sourced from farms in Wisconsin and Michigan, the B.I.O. Pale Ale will be the first collaborative beer between Whole Foods and Sketchbook.”

3. The next "smart" beer company hales from Altadena, Calif. Dr. Jekyll’s sells some truly unique craft beers. Its Bio Beer, an India Pale Ale, contains organic Simcoe, Perle, and Cascade hops, and organic malts. Its flavor profile includes floral and citrus notes, acai berry, acerola berry, maitake mushroom, turmeric, garlic, green tea, clove oil.

4. The company also carries Beer Belly, “a lower-calorie Kölsch with super foods that won’t hurt your waistline,” and Beer Attack, “a handcrafted, Irish-style red ale with heart-healthy ingredients.”

5. And last but certainly not least, there’s LA’s Brouwerij West. This five-year-old brewery carries acclaimed Belgian-inspired ale. This past spring, the company signed an agreement to bring an "energy-efficient Meura-based mash filter brewhouse and solar roof panels to its new home, an adaptively reused warehouse in San Pedro, California,” the brewery’s PR team reports.

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From the Organic Authority Files

“The combination of this brewhouse and roof at a reclaimed site stands to make Brouwerij West the greenest small craft brewery in the market. The Meura 2001 Micro mash filter, developed in Belgium by Meura S.A. First created over 100 years ago specifically for Belgian-style beers and still used to produce 90 percent of Belgian beers by volume today, the Meura 2001 mash acts much like a French coffee press. By bearing down on the grains and into the water, the mash filter extracts more flavor and allows for an easier separation of the wort.”

We know that these aren't the only environmentally friendly beers out there, so please share your favorite brands in the comment section.

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