7 Veggie Bacon Alternatives Without Actual Bacon (Pigs, Rejoice!)

7 Bacon Recipes Without Actual Bacon (Pigs, Rejoice!)

No thanks, Arby’s. We don’t need want your meat… We don’t even know where it has been, or where it came from (eek). But we would like you, along with other restaurants, to provide some viable meat-free veggie bacon options.

Not sure if you heard, but earlier this month, Arby’s sent an open letter to vegetarians, in the form of a condescending press release, about it’s new Brown Sugar Bacon BLT. The company essentially offered support for vegetarians who tried to abstain from its meaty sandwich. So funny! The marketing stunt was obviously played to anger vegetarians, and make meateaters laugh, but it left us wondering, “why can’t we not eat meat and have our bacon, too?” We decided to answer our own question and list 7 bacon recipes alternatives.

1. Dulse

This seaweed is super sustainable (it requires cold water and sunlight to grow), is packed with nutrients (iron, calcium, magnesium, and protein), and, when smoked and pan-fried, it resembles crispy, salty bacon.

2. Eggplant

Our sister website EcoSalon posted a popular article about making eggplant bacon. The savory recipe only requires 7 ingredients. Use this ‘bacon” as a salad topper or a sandwich filler.

3. Seitan

Seitan bacon has that meaty flavor and texture that people crave. This from-scratch seitan recipe is pretty simple ingredient-wise, but make sure you follow the author’s method to the letter to achieve bacon-y VLT-worthy results.

4. Tempeh

Tempeh is my favorite meat alternative. And this recipe for tempeh bacon is my favorite on this list because it contains just a little heat. Serve this as a side, or cut up in a salad.

5. Tofu

It’s no surprise that tofu also is another one of the viable bacon alternatives. This recipe is really simple and can be made vegan with a simple swap (switch the butter for oil).

6. Mushroom

The King Oyster mushroom is the perfect shape for fake bacon. This recipe is crispy as heck and will pair well with any other breakfast items you serve your family.

7. Beans and buckwheat

This is the most unique recipe out there and it looks amazing. It’s filled with protein and nutrients, and has sweet and savory ingredients.

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