9 Idyllic Images of Americana: Life on the Farm


The farm is Americana. It’s the heartland, the bread basket, the soul of our nation. Life on the farm is essential to all of our survival, even if most of us never set foot outside of metropolitan environment. We romanticize life on the farm in bucolic imagery because it deserves romance, story and an air of magic around it.

Life on the farm isn’t always easy–there are those early mornings, dark and cold. There are droughts and pest infestations that threaten crops, money, and the time spent entrusting the earth to make things grow.

With everything today’s farmers face — global warming, pesticides, dying pollinators, genetic engineering, subsidies that support the large farms and forget the small family farmers — we thought it was important to take a look, quite literally, at some of the most beautiful and heart warming images from rural farm life for inspiration.

No, it’s not enough to just keep farmers in our hearts–we need to support them by paying more for organic, visiting our local farmers markets and spreading the word. But we can also find inspiration in the simplicity and beauty of farm life.

Here are some images to get you started. What is your favorite iconic image of life on the farm?

1.The next generation of farmers


image via controlman22

2. Farms breed fast friendships.

image via bessie’s blue dress

3. A long time ago on a farm.


image via jana eby

4. Every farm’s better with rainbows.


image via 620wtmj

5. There’s no farm without hay.


image via 123rf

6. In the early time.


image via buttercup meadow

7. Barn owls keep watch.


image via steve greer

8. Cow kisses


image via epic jungle

9. Winter on the farm.


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