A Clever Brewing Alternative for Organic Tea Aficionados

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Organic Authority’s 100% organic Tangerine Ginger tea

Organic Authority sells a versatile variety of organic teas that are perfect for holiday gift-giving—from spicy Masala Chai and fruity Tangerine Ginger to rare white Snow Buds and best-selling Jasmine Pearl. We’ve also discovered a unique new device that will help you enjoy your favorite organic teas even more: the Health Tea Wand from Miami-based Wisdom Wands, which was inspired by an ancient South American tradition.

The wand is a handcrafted, heatproof glass straw that boosts flavor by filtering and brewing loose tea right in your cup through specially designed strainer holes. Simply add hot water to the tea leaves in your mug, allow the tea to steep, stir with the wand, and sip to the last drop.

The designers of the Health Tea Wand are tea connoisseurs with strong opinions about the quality of today’s teas.

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The Health Tea Wand

“The optimal health benefits and superior taste of brewing whole, loose tea leaves has been sacrificed in recent years to the relative convenience of prepackaged tea bags,” they note. “High-priced, supermarket-grade tea bags generally contain poorer-quality leaves that have been chopped up to infuse more quickly and strain through the bag, which can cause a bitter brew. Brewing loose tea provides greater contact between the leaf surface and hot water, allowing for the release of more subtle flavors. Known for its potent antioxidant properties, high-quality, fresh, whole-leaf tea is up to 300% healthier than low-grade teabags and significantly more economical, with superior taste.”

The Health Tea Wand comes with a convenient carry case, with a compartment to transport loose tea. It is dishwasher-safe, and the company offers a money-back guarantee. Wisdom Wands will donate 10% of profits to Oprah’s Angel Network.

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