A Gem of a Lettuce


May is National Salad Month, giving you a wonderful opportunity to introduce new organic fruits and vegetables to the family table.


One diminutive lettuce, small enough to feed one person, has been making waves in springtime: Sweet Gem, which has the texture and color of romaine (without the tough outer leaves or ribs), and the taste and sweetness of butter lettuce.

First grown in northern Africa and the Mediterranean, Sweet Gem eventually made its way to European gardens. While it’s the most widely consumed salad green in the United Kingdom, it has only recently become available in the United States.

Rich in nutrients, this lettuce variety is a valuable source of vitamin A. It won’t wilt when you add dressing, and you can grill it on the barbeque to bring out its distinct flavors.

Sweet Gem is well suited for hearty, stronger-flavored salad dressings like Caesar and balsamic. Whole heads can be served with a dollop of creamy dressing, accented with your favorite crunchy toppings.

Tune in tomorrow for our weekend recipe, Grilled Sweet Gem With Gorgonzola.

Photo courtesy of Tanimura & Antle

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