A Prescription for Your Organic Pet

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As the director of veterinary services at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles, Dr. Karen Halligan oversees daily care for a growing number of stray and neglected pets.


As the next step in her life’s mission to raise awareness about pet welfare, she has written her first book, Doc Halligan’s What Every Pet Owner Should Know.

“I wrote this book with my clients and friends in mind,” she says. “I wanted readers to feel like they were asking a best friend for advice who just happened to be an experienced vet.”

The book takes readers through their pets’ growth and provides tips for travel, holidays, disaster preparedness and seasonal changes. You’ll learn about puppyhood through the senior years, the joys of pet companionship, early prevention to avoid the emergency room and identification of the most common signs of illness.

Throughout the book, Dr. Halligan offers at-home checkup tips and creative ways for pets and their owners to build a strong, significant bond.

“Throughout a pet’s life, there are a handful of opportunities to make a difference that will mean a long and meaningful life—or, instead, can lead to health issues and accidents,” she says.

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