A Shout-Out to Tommy Hilfiger -- And What You Can Do About Global Warming

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A big OrganicAuthority shout-out to designer and fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger (right), who hosted an event at Al Gore’s first European summit for The Climate Project (TCP), held in Amsterdam Oct. 13–15. 


I recommend adding TCP, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Nashville, TN, to your browser’s favorites list. The organization is committed to raising global awareness of climate change, and its 2,500 volunteers have reached more than 4 million people worldwide. (More on how you can volunteer in just a bit…) 

Hilfiger teamed with TCP to show his support and help motivate the public to behave in eco-conscious ways. 

“The Climate Project, with its global presence, is in the perfect position to help solve the climate crisis,” Gore said. “TCP’s European presenters—in Spain, the UK and elsewhere—have done a fantastic job of raising their fellow citizens’ awareness of the crisis, and I value any opportunity to provide ongoing support to those engaged in this critical effort.” 

“I am deeply concerned by the growing climate crisis and respect the efforts The Climate Project has taken to help rectify the situation,” Hilfiger added. “I am thus honored to be hosting their first European reunion, which strives to encourage people worldwide to be green in an attempt to save the planet.” 

During the reunion, 100 European TCP members attended a series of seminars that trained them to present a version of Al Gore’s famous slide show, as seen in the award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth

“It is absolutely vital to our mission that we take our project worldwide to increase a global awareness of the climate crisis and to encourage a greener lifestyle,” said Jenny Clad, TCP’s executive director. 

Get Involved!

If you’re interested in becoming a presenter for TCP, here’s what you need to know: The organization began operations in June 2006, with a mission to increase public awareness at a grassroots level in the United States and abroad. 

By April 2007, a diverse group of 1,000 volunteers from across the United States had been personally trained by Al Gore to present a version of the slide show in their communities. As of this month, trainers have delivered almost 20,000 presentations, reaching a combined audience of 2 million people. TCP initiatives have also led to the training of hundreds of equally committed individuals in Australia, Canada, India, Spain and the UK. Click here for info on getting involved.

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