All-American Organic Barbecue

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It’s normal to crave comfort foods that elicit happy memories from childhood. As summer temperatures climb, this can mean only one thing: juicy barbecued hot dogs nestled in fluffy buns, with all of the usual condiments.

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But if you shop for organic food, hot dogs seldom make the list. Most of us are concerned about meat purity, whether animals have been raised properly, and whether nitrates and nitrites have been added during meat processing.

The good news is that you can enjoy this culinary blast from the past, as long as you shop wisely. Companies like La Farge, Wisconsin-based Organic Prairie specialize in organic meat, including favorites from the sausage family. You’ll find a great-for-grilling organic assortment: skinless beef hot dogs, Italian pork and chicken sausage, pork bratwurst and chicken hot dogs (above).

“As a dad, I'm proud to know that a new generation of young people will be able to enjoy a traditional all-American hot dog experience, with all the benefits of organic,” says company president Michael Levine. Hot dogs are produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides, and animals are fed only 100% certified organic feed and pasture. No rendered animal byproducts are used in processing, and hot dogs are nitrate-free—smoked over real hickory hardwood and seasoned with fresh sea salt and organic spices.

Each package contains seven hot dogs, with a suggested retail price of $5.99. If you have trouble finding organic hot dogs, click here for store listings in your area.

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