American Humane Association Launches Website for Farm Animal Welfare Certification Program

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The American Humane Association has launched to educate organic and mainstream consumers, producers, retailers and the food service industry about farm-animal welfare standards and humane-certified products. 


American Humane Certified is a voluntary, fee-based service available to meat, dairy and egg producers. It provides independent, third-party-audited verification that enrolled farms meet strict animal welfare standards when caring for and handling animals. Producers that meet the standards may use the American Humane Certified label (right) on their products. 

All certified producers must meet basic criteria that require animals to have: 

  • Clean and sufficient food and water 
  • A humane environment, with conditions and care to limit stress 
  • An environment where they can express normal behaviors and live comfortably (sufficient space, shelter, a resting area and company of their own kind)
  • A healthy life, including prevention of disease and injury and rapid diagnosis and treatment 

A 2007 American Humane Certified survey found that 58% of consumers said they would spend an additional 10% or more for animal products labeled as “humanely raised.” 

The new website allows you to search for locations that sell certified products.

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