An Organic St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

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Visit an inn on the Emerald Isle, and you’ll invariably be invited to a traditional Irish breakfast.

Historically, farmers’ wives would serve the following foods to ensure their husbands received a hearty meal—one that often eliminated the need for lunch later in the day.

  • Irish tea. NoIrish breakfast is complete without a cup of strong Irish tea.
  • Eggs. Enjoy a few eggs served sunnyside up, cooked in Irish butter.
  • Brown bread. Known for its dark color, this whole-wheat bread is available as an organic mix. Check out Chef Suzanne Goin’s recipe for Irish Brown Scones.
  • Potatoes. Boiled, sliced potatoes are served with sliced tomatoes warmed in a pan.
  • Beans. Irish baked beans are similar to the American version. They’re cooked in a tomato-based sauce, but they’re unsweetened.
  • Bangers. These Irish sausages are made of beef or pork, spices and rusk (toasted bread crumbs). Their name comes from their propensity to bang or burst open while frying at high temperatures. Local butchers like Kingston NY-based Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats offer artisan bangers. Check the meat counter at your local Whole Foods Market.
  • Rashers. Similar to Canadian bacon, rashers are softer than American bacon because they’re not cooked to a crisp.

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