Attention, Pumpkin Carvers: Pulp Clogs Plumbing

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So, you picked out your organic pumpkin, and you’re ready to carve it. Be advised: This Halloween tradition is much less fun if you throw pumpkin pulp down the garbage disposal.


If the pulp winds up in the drain, you may have to call a plumber to unclog your kitchen sink or repair your garbage disposal.

“The pulp blocks drains because it doesn’t break down like most food,” says Mary Kennedy Thompson, president of Waco, TX-based Mr. Rooter Corp. “Instead, the orange pumpkin pulp hardens inside the pipe, clogging the drain.”

Kennedy recommends keeping pumpkin pulp, cut pieces and seeds away from the kitchen sink and carving pumpkins on newspaper. All pumpkin material (plus the newspaper) can be thrown away or composted once your jack-o’-lantern is complete.

And if you enjoy pumpkin pie or roasted pumpkin seeds, you’ll have a great start for an organic holiday treat!

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