Ben & Jerry’s Expands Fair Trade Certified Products

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Ben & Jerry’s announced last Wednesday its expansion of Fair Trade Certified ice cream flavors, which include Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz.


“Fair Trade creates stronger economic conditions, which help farmers feed and clothe their families, send their kids to school, get better health care and in general improve the quality of their lives,” says Paul Rice, President & CEO of TransFair USA, the only Fair Trade certification organization in the United States. “With something as simple as choosing to purchase a Fair Trade product, people are making a powerful decision to dramatically improve the quality of life for farmers halfway around the world.”

Ben & Jerry's purchases Fair Trade Certified coffee from a cooperative in Mexico; vanilla from Fair Trade Certified producers in India, with producers in Indonesia and Uganda under consideration; and Fair Trade Certified cocoa from producers in the Dominican Republic.

“Since Ben and I started the business, we’ve used ethical values to guide our business decisions, such as sourcing ingredients,” says Ben & Jerry’s Cofounder Jerry Greenfield. “Expanding from our Fair Trade Certified Coffee flavors to Fair Trade Vanilla and Chocolate is another step forward in our values-led sourcing decisions.”

The new Fair Trade Vanilla will be available in Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops this month and in supermarkets in January. Fair Trade Chocolate will be available in scoop shops in December and in grocery stores in January. Fair Trade Certified Coffee flavors are already available in scoop shops and grocery stores nationwide.

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Ben and Jerry’s also offers four organic ice creams: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Sweet Cream & Cookies. They are available in select stores and by mail.

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