Best Movie Reviewer Wins $1,000 Whole Foods Gift Certificate

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Eating nine Big Macs a day may be fun for future cardiac patients—until a month later, when you’re 24 pounds heavier and it takes you more than a year to lose the weight.


Morgan Spurlock already documented this crazy gastronomic test in his film, Super Size Me. Regular folks like us can lighten our load by steering clear of fast food and opting for fresh, organic, bio-friendly fare. 

Jaman, an online film site, is hosting a “Down Size Me” contest to make eating those leafy greens a bit easier on the wallet. Click here to write a review of Super Size Me, but act fast: The deadline is tonight. (Apologies for the short notice; the contest was just brought to our attention.)

The review that receives the most “I like this review” votes from readers will win a $1,000 Whole Foods gift certificate.

The winner will be announced on Monday. The contest is open to U.S. residents only.

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