Beyoncé Invests in WTRMLN WTR, Cold-Pressed Juice Made From Ugly Watermelons

Beyonce Invests in WTRMLN WTR, Cold-Pressed Juice Made With Ugly Watermelons
Asterio Tecson

She’s been feeling like her entire life she’s “been drinkin’ watermelon” — and now Queen Beyoncé’s kicking it up a notch by investing in WTRMLN WTR, the first-ever cold-pressed juice sourced from blemished and misshapen watermelons deemed too aesthetically unpleasing for grocery stores.

Entrepreneurs Jody Levy and Harlan Berger founded the company in 2013. When Beyoncé first partnered with them, she had a simple mission to deliver accessible wellness to the world. “I applaud the innovative female leaders at WTRMLN WTR, who inspire us with their creativity and their true commitment to elevating our community and culture,” Beyoncé stated in a press release.

So what’s so significant about Beyoncé’s involvement (besides the fact that everything she does is significant)? The fact that the golden goddess of perfection is putting her hard-earned cash on something sourced from hideous fruits is a big deal — because it’s great for the earth. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, about 40 percent of food goes to waste, which is pretty much insane. This includes the reject fruits and vegetables that grocery stores aren’t willing to sell. Ugly fruits aren’t new either: Companies like Imperfect Produce have been urging us to quit being so superficial and eat deformed produce since they taste exactly the same (not to mention deliver just as many nutrients).

What’s Inside a Bottle of WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR contains only cold-pressed watermelon and a hint of organic lemon juice, which adds a flavor-boosting kick. There’s no added water, no added sugar, and it’s gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher. You’ve probably, at some point, imbibed watermelon juice made solely from the juicy meat, but this drink also includes the rinds (everything but the skin). “The rind is where the potassium, citrulline, and lycopene are sourced. The flesh has the flavor, the rind has the function,” explains Jeff Rubenstein, Chief Marketing Officer at WTRMLN WTR.

This refreshing beverage has less sugar than coconut water and more electrolytes than any sports drink (get out of here, Gatorade!). Case in point: One bottle of this Queen Bey-endorsed libation contains double the amount of potassium than a banana. WTRMLN WTR also contains L-citrulline, an amino acid great for muscle recovery, and lycopene, boasts antioxidant benefits. All this makes the juice perfect for athletes and active people, but anyone can hydrate with it. Pregnant women and the elderly can reap the benefits too, says Rubenstein.

WTRMLN WTR recently launched three new flavors selected for their special health benefits: Ginger for immunity, lime to alkalize, and cherry for an anti-inflammatory boost. And the new flavors dropped just in time as Beyoncé is about to drop two new Knowles out of her body in the coming months –and we’re guessing she’s going to be thirsty as heck.

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