Brew a Great Cup of Organic Coffee or Tea


Making time to brew a satisfying cup of organic tea or coffee before rushing out the door each morning is back in vogue, as many of us bid adieu to high-priced cafes and coffee shops

The right appliances can help you master the art of making smooth-tasting, flavorful hot beverages. 


Many coffee experts recommend French press coffeemakers, which produce a full-bodied cup o’ joe with minimum effort. A glass or stainless-steel carafe is the way to go, and prices vary based on brewing capacity and construction materials—from the Bodum 3-Cup Coffee Press (left) with glass carafe ($21.47) to the Frieling 8-Cup French Press (right) with stainless-steel carafe ($74.95). 

For foolproof organic tea brewing, the state-of-the-art Fine T (center) by IQ Innovations takes all the guesswork out of preparing the perfect cup of tea, using any type of loose tea leaves. The 4-cup machine simultaneously and automatically controls both water temperature and infusion time, with exact precision. You can program Fine T to automatically brew a pot of wake-me tea each morning, and the appliance’s warming plate will keep your tea piping hot for up to 30 minutes. 

Remember: Drinking coffee and tea reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes—and grounds will help your garden grow. 

Photos: TheGiantVermin, Bodum, Frieling, IQ Innovations

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