Bring Your Kids to the Market

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Yesterday, we looked at grocery stores’ efforts to teach children about nutritious eating.


So, how can you, as a parent, educate your child about healthful organic eating?

Talk to your local grocer. Ask him about hosting a field trip so children can learn about food, nutrition and health in a hands-on environment.

Read labels. Encourage your children to read labels with you. Select their favorite foods, including those that are overly processed and contain saturated fats, salt and refined sugars. Then, compare these products with more healthful natural and organic offerings.

Try a new alternative on each shopping trip. Examine a regularly purchased item. Next, look for a healthier alternative. Give your kids a say, whenever possible, so they can choose natural and organic products they’ll look forward to eating.

Count your steps as you walk store aisles. It’s good exercise, and it can be a fun way to involve children in shopping.

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