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Take time to connect with nature and enjoy community wildlife by participating in the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch, part of National Wildlife Week (April 19–27).


This year marks the 70th anniversary of National Wildlife Week, which gives Americans of all ages a chance to head outdoors and observe the wonders of nature. Participation is easy and free: Just click here to download a wildlife watch list for your state. You and your family can then share sightings online with watchers nationwide and chat about your discoveries.

“Spending time outdoors offers so many physical and mental benefits and leaves one with a true appreciation for the natural world,” says Eliza Russell, NWF director of education. “Watching for wildlife is simple, fun and builds conservation stewardship.”

National Wildlife Week is the foundation’s longest-running educational program. First observed in 1938 after a declaration from President Franklin Roosevelt, it was called National Wildlife Restoration Week. From its earliest days, the program sought to educate children and adults about the mysteries of wildlife, from which a conservation ethic grows. Past honorary chairs include Walt Disney, Shirley Temple and Robert Redford.

Perhaps Disney said it best: “Landscapes of great wonder and beauty lie under our feet and all around us. They are discovered in tunnels in the ground, the heart of flowers, the hollows of trees, freshwater ponds, seaweed jungles between tides and even drops of water. Life in these hidden worlds is more startling in reality than anything we can imagine. How could this earth of ours, which is only a speck in the heavens, have so much variety of life, so many curious and exciting creatures?”

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Photo courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation

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