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As the U.S. Senate held its first global-warming hearing of the year—and as hundreds of scientists in Paris were finalizing a United Nations report on how climate change may affect sea levels—the London- and Los Angeles-based nonprofit Global Cool launched an international awareness effort. Among the highlights:

  • Celebrities were on hand to lend their vocal support, including actor Josh Hartnett, Jane’s Addiction cofounder Perry Farrell and The Doors’ John Densmore. Farrell and Densmore debuted “Woman in the Window,” a previously unreleased a cappella track by Jim Morrison, with music by Farrell (recorded by his current project, Satellite Party). With its prescient themes of environmental stewardship, the song will serve as Global Cool’s anthem.
  • At a press conference, Global Cool introduced its international coalition of scientific and entertainment leaders, who explained the science behind its solution to climate control. The nonprofit is funded by a consortium of blue-chip financial institutions, which have set a target of $250 million in support of its 10-year campaign.
  • Global Cool’s mission is to educate and motivate a billion individuals to change their habits to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 billion tons over 10 years. According to its scientific board, we are fast approaching a “tipping point,” at which the climate will become irreversibly unstable. Only by reducing emissions by a minimum of 1 billion tons per year can we forestall this point long enough to develop long-term energy solutions.
  • Global Cool aims to reach people worldwide through celebrity participation in live concerts, webcasts, SMS messaging, public-service announcements, personal appearances and performances. More than 100 artists have already committed to the campaign, including Maroon 5, the Scissors Sisters, Kasabian, KT Tunstall and Orlando Bloom.

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