Celestial Seasonings' Organic Coffee Debuts

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Celestial Seasonings, a leader in specialty tea, recently launched a new line of gourmet whole-bean coffee. Available in five distinctive flavors, the 100% natural coffees are USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified.


“Nearly 40 years of excellence and innovation in tea-making has made Celestial Seasonings a recognized leader in the hot beverage category,” says David Ziegert, acting general manager. “With the introduction of coffee, we are leveraging our flavor expertise and equity in this category. Additionally, our research found that tea drinkers enjoy coffee several times each week, so we are providing them with another great-tasting, high-quality option.”

Coffee flavors include Morning Thunder, Decaf Morning Thunder, French Roastaroma, Caramel Mocha and Vanilla Hazelnut. The coffees are packaged in resealable zipper-lock bags, which help prolong the beans’ freshness and preserve their flavor.

Celestial Seasonings’ coffees are shade grown to promote a healthy environment for migratory birds and support biodiversity that helps sustain rainforests. Shade also helps enhance the beans’ flavor profile, as they mature more slowly out of the sun. Fair Trade Certification guarantees fair prices for farmers and improves their opportunities for healthcare, housing and education.

The beans are roasted using a distinctive process that has been perfected over the last 60 years. Rather than applying a direct flame, which can burn the beans and result in a bitter taste, Celestial Seasonings roasts its coffee beans using an indirect, but powerful, stream of hot air, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic coffee.

The coffee’s suggested retail price is $9.99 per 12-ounce bag. You can find it at supermarkets and natural food stores, or order it online by clicking here.

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