Change Your Socks, Change the World

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Morrisville, NC-based Devmir, Inc., will launch a new line of eco-friendly socks, to be unveiled under the Sierra Club name.


The socks will debut at a November fundraiser called “Change your socks, change the world.”

The socks are made from a combination of organic cotton, soy and bamboo, along with other eco-friendly and sustainable yarns. The line includes performance and dress/casual socks for men and women. Styles include peds, shorties, anklets and crew, with a retail price of $5–$18 per pair.

During the fundraiser, Devmir will donate 10% of proceeds for each pair sold to the Sierra Club, with the goal of raising $1 million.

“We didn’t just want to make socks,” says company president Diogenes Ruiz. “We wanted to make socks with a purpose. That’s why we teamed up with the Sierra Club.”

Devmir will also donate one pair of socks to the National Coalition for the Homeless for each pair sold during the launch.

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