Climate Pushed Out of Balance

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Last week’s blog featured several articles on global warming, including how it’s threatening the Louisiana coastline, the release of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth for kids, and how California’s big chill will affect organic and nonorganic produce offerings nationwide. I want to continue exploring the weird weather/global warming connection this week to increase readers’ environmental awareness.


Jon Coifman, a spokesperson for the Natural Resources Defense Council, is bothered by what’s happening on the East Coast.

“New York City budgeted $37 million for snow removal this year and, so far, barely a flake has fallen,” he says. The NRDC and City Council Member David Yassky (D-Brooklyn) believe any unspent funds at the end of the fiscal year should be directly reallocated toward better energy conservation and efficiency.

“Specifically, the leftover funds should be reinvested in city infrastructure, making buildings more energy-efficient and producing more power from alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar electricity,” Coifman says. “The more money that is spent on conservation and alternative fuels, the less power the city will need in the future.

“It’s wonderful springtime weather we’ve been having here in New York. Too bad it’s January,” he adds. “We can all appreciate a little break from winter drudgery, but what we are experiencing now is a serious signal that our climate has been pushed out of balance. That’s why NRDC supports investing the money we didn’t spend plowing streets into energy savings, lower bills, and a safer, more prosperous future for our great city.”

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