Coffee May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risks

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Yesterday, I shared the results of a hot-off-the-press study: Coffee, Tea Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk. Now there’s more news on the java front.

Harvard Medical School researchers have found an association between coffee consumption and a lower risk of lethal and advanced prostate cancers.

“Coffee has effects on insulin and glucose metabolism, as well as sex hormone levels, all of which play a role in prostate cancer,” explains postdoctoral fellow and lead researcher Kathryn M. Wilson, PhD. “It was plausible that there may be an association between coffee and prostate cancer.”

During their investigation, Dr. Wilson and her colleagues found that men who drank the most coffee had a 60% lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer than those who drank no coffee.

As with the diabetes study, caffeine can’t take the credit for reducing risk. Dr. Wilson suspects biologically active compounds like antioxidants and minerals offer a more realistic explanation.

 “Very few lifestyle factors have been consistently associated with prostate cancer risk, especially with risk of aggressive disease, so it would be very exciting if this association is confirmed in other studies,” she says. “Our results do suggest there is no reason to stop drinking coffee out of any concern about prostate cancer.”

As we recommended yesterday, always buy organic coffee to reduce your exposure to pesticides and toxic chemicals.

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