Comal Cuisine


Pop quiz: What’s a “comal”?


If you’re of Hispanic heritage or pride yourself on your Mexican cooking prowess, you’ll likely score an A+.

A comal is an earthenware griddle used to prepare fresh tortillas. It’s a kitchen staple in Hispanic homes, usually purchased separately and placed atop the stove.

New ranges specifically designed for Hispanic consumers integrate them into the cooktop, such as Whirlpool’s Sabor (see photo). It pairs the traditional comal with a five-burner gas cooktop for savory, authentic meal preparation. Controls are marked in Spanish and English.

Gas ranges, in fact, are preferred over their electric counterparts in the Hispanic kitchen, according to research conducted by Practica Group LLC for Whirlpool. Hispanic cooks have grown up with gas stoves and ranges, and they tend to continue the tradition when buying. They also use heavy pots, and gas provides even cooking and flame control.

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