Comfort Foods With a Twist

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If you’re looking for a new take on home-style cooking, then George Duran has some recipes for you.


The Food Network host likes to take favorite American dishes and give them a jazzy twist (think PB&J bread pudding and Tex-Mex lasagna).

In his new book, Take This Dish And Twist It: Comfort Food With New & Unexpected Flavors (Meredith Corp., October 2008), Duran re-imagines familiar foods and adds his special takes on more than 100 recipes.

“Comfort food is something that brings Americans together, but I noticed that I was going to be limited with the number and originality of recipes I could introduce,” says the Venezuela-born chef. “After all, how many ways can you make a PB&J sandwich? That’s when I decided to take classic American flavors and twist them into a gourmet dish.”

Duran offers his list of 10 must-have ingredients to turn a midnight snack into a work of art: curry paste, nonstick cooking spray, bacon, ground cumin, coconut milk, red wine, chipotle hot sauce, pine nuts, fresh cilantro and vanilla ice cream. (Intriguing, no?)

Want to see how it’s done?

Tune in tomorrow for his recipe for Granny Smith Guacamole—a great appetizer for holiday parties. All of the ingredients should be available at your local natural and organic food store.

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