ConAgra to Label GMOs in 45 Major Food Brands

ConAgra to Label GMOs in 45 Major Food Brands

It’s been a banner week for the GMO labeling movement. After General Mills announced last week that it would begin to label GMOs on all its U.S. products, Mars, Inc., and Kellogg’s followed suit on Monday with near-identical announcements. Now, ConAgra, with 45 food brands under its umbrella, has also said it will begin to label the presence of GMOs in all of its food brands.

Like the other three announcements in the last week, ConAgra says it’s making the switch to comply with Vermont’s GMO labeling requirements, which go into effect in July.

“We stand behind the health and safety of all of our products, including those with genetically modified ingredients,” ConAgra said in a statement, “and believe consumers should be informed as to what’s in their food.”

But, said the company, “addressing state-by-state labeling requirements adds significant complications and costs for food companies. With a multitude of other states currently considering different GMO labeling requirements, the need for a national, uniform approach in this area is as critical as ever. That’s why we continue to urge Congress to pass a national solution as quickly as possible.”

ConAgra owns dozens of best-selling conventional food brands including SlimJim, Chef Boyardee, Hebrew National, Hunts, Wesson, Orville Redenbacher, Jiffy Pop, and La Choy.

“We understand that GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) is an area of evolving public perception and opinion,” ConAgra says on its website, “We stay abreast of potential legislation and will always consider support of laws that are in the consumer and societal interest.”

Last week, the Senate blocked legislation that would have voided state GMO labeling efforts, which would have forced Vermont to abandon its law taking effect July 1. The recent announcements come after that legislation, known as the DARK Act (Deny Americans Right to Know), failed.

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