Conference Focuses on "Recycling" Urban Trees


If you’re in the North Carolina area, check out Appalachian State University’s conference, Utilizing the Urban Forest: Turning Urban Trees Into Wood Products, set for May 16 at the campus Broyhill Inn & Conference Center.


Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 5 p.m. The $75 fee includes lunch, catered breaks and conference materials.

There’s also an optional field trip on May 17 to a portable sawmilling demonstration at the Biltmore Estate woodlot, Grovewood Gallery, Asheville Hardware and Treasured Trees of Asheville ($35 fee includes transportation and a box lunch).

The registration deadline is May 5. Click here for information, or call Amy Sanders at (828) 262-2774. For more information about the conference, call Jana Carp, PhD, an assistant professor of community and regional planning, at (828) 262- 7091.

“We’re surrounded by wood products that are either beautiful and artistic or have very practical uses, or both,” Dr. Carp says. “But most people think that wood has to come from commercial forests. This conference is about how useable wood can also come from our urban forests—trees along the streets, in vacant lots, in parks.”

All too often, Dr. Carp says, trees removed because of storm damage, age or disease are cut up and hauled to landfills or chipped into mulch.

“This is a tragic waste,” she says. “Instead, we can use the wood in urban trees to support our local economies, reduce transportation and disposal costs, and help people notice and take care of the trees in their communities. North Carolina’s urban forests offer a lot of opportunity for local management of this natural resource, which can combine economic and environmental benefits.”

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