Coral Reefs to Benefit from Disney’s “Oceans”

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As we reported a few weeks ago, Disneynature contributed a percentage of opening-week ticket sales for its latest film, Oceans, to The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt a Coral Reef program.

The environmental partners have since announced that the proceeds will be used to protect more than 35,000 acres of coral reefs in The Bahamas. At 55 square miles, the area is 250% larger than Manhattan and could house more than 412 Disneylands.

A critically important ecosystem, The Bahamas’ 700 islands straddle the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Miles of coral reefs serve as the foundation for a healthy ocean environment, providing shelter, nurseries and feeding grounds for hundreds of marine species, including dolphins, sea turtles and a wide range of fish.

Scientists estimate Caribbean coral reefs could disappear in 50 years unless they have a network of well-managed protected areas.

“Disneynature has captured the beauty, wonder and fragility of our world’s marine habitats and species in Oceans,” says Nature Conservancy President and CEO Mark Tercek. “We appreciate Disney’s commitment to help protect marine areas in The Bahamas, which is home to 30% of all coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Disney Stores will also donate $1 from the sale of each eco-friendly Save Planet Earth Reusable Bag to the Adopt a Coral Reef program. Bags are now on sale for only $1.49 (50% off).

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