Danny Boome on the Healthy Food He Finds on ‘Good Food America’

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Danny Boome, professional chef and television host, is dedicated to spreading the word about healthy food. So much so that that’s the concept of Boome’s show – “Good Food America.” Boome’s show is entering its second season. In the show, Boome travels to various states to “discover each region’s healthiest restaurants, their native ingredients, and homegrown talent.” OA recently got to interview Boome. We asked him about his new show, what he learned, and asked him what types of foods he enjoys eating when he’s not on the road.

OA: Can you tell us about the show’s concept?

Danny Boome: The show takes viewers on a gastronomic journey to many of the country’s best organic and sustainable restaurants, discovers regional gems, native ingredients, and the homegrown talent that keep locals coming back for more.

OA: What are you hoping viewers take away from the show?

DB: I hope that our viewers take away the sense that healthy food is not as difficult to find in your neighborhood as you think. There are fresh, organic restaurants in every backyard! I also hope that the folks at home are encouraged by the momentum that is growing for using fresh, seasonal, organic produce in home cooking, and that our guest chefs inspire them to have fun in the kitchen with new ideas and recipes offered!

OA: What are some of your favorite organic, sustainable restaurants you’ve visited? Some of your favorite meals?

DB: That’s a toughie, as we visited 76 restaurants in 18 states and 26 cities over five months! There are a few that stood out to me, as they all did, but these were a little special. Fire-roasted pheasant with the sweet corn pancetta topped with blueberries and granola at Fore Street in Portland, Maine. Breakfast pizza at the Lucky Penny in Santa Barbara, California. The egg pot was to die for, too! It’s a small cast iron skillet filled with chick peas, tomatoes, cream, and eggs topped with shaved pecorino. Linger in Denver, Colorado, paid amazing homage to Indian street food. Their curry naan with Bombay potatoes is mouthwatering.

OA: What do you most enjoy about presenting healthy food/organic food via a television show, rather than another medium?

DB: TV captures the moment, and gives its subject longevity. I love giving people the opportunity to tell their stories and share their passion for their food.

OA: What are some of your favorite meals to prepare at home when you aren’t out on the road?

DB: Quick, simple, and fresh food. My wife’s appetite rivals mine, so I’m usually whipping up something for her and my son to nosh on. We cook three to four times a day at home, and we are very conscious of keeping processed foods out of our meals. Five ingredients we are never out of are broccoli, kale, spinach, butternut squash, and quinoa!

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Image: Courtesy of Danny Boome’s PR