Did Steve Harvey Just Revolutionize Egg Carton Labels?

Did Steve Harvey Just Revolutionize Egg Carton Labels?

Egg carton labels just got tech savvy as TV personality Steve Harvey and California-based tech startup TEN Ag Tech got together to launch a new food line, Just Ordinary. Just Ordinary eggs will feature a True Grade trace code that will allow consumers to find out everything there is to know about their egg.

Did Steve Harvey Just Revolutionize Egg Carton Labels?

The trace code has two parts – first, a chemical-free expiration date is printed right on the egg. As opposed to the typical sell-by date, this code allows you to see when the egg is no longer safe to consume.

The second part of the True Grade system is the ability to plug the trace code into the online Egg Tracer to find out literally everything there is to know about the egg, from where it was raised to where it was packed, as well as lay date, hen breed, and source farm.

If this sounds similar to the popular ‘Portlandia‘ skit where the couple wants to know everything about the chicken Colin that they’ll be eating – you’re right on track!

The eggs will be entirely cage-free, and more information with regards to specifics of the particular egg in question can be easily discovered through the trace code.

But how did TV personality Steve Harvey end up working on such a project? It may seem odd, until you realize that Harvey grew up on a small farm in West Virginia. His desire to increase transparency between consumers and farms stems from this childhood experience – and it doesn’t stop at eggs.

Just Ordinary will soon expand its technological labeling to meat, produce, and coffee, allowing customers to gain information about pesticide and herbicide use, deforestation, and additional information about the area surrounding the farms where the products were grown or raised.

“We believe that everyone deserves accountability when it comes to the freshness and safety of the food they’re buying,” said Jonathan Phillips, President & CEO of TEN Ag Tech.

Punch in this sample code – ETM 050 5H3N – into the Egg Tracer online, and discover True Grade’s trace code technology yourself.

Note: This story was modified on March 29 2016. The company announced that Just Ordinary eggs will be 100 percent cage-free, as opposed to from enriched colony housing, as originally reported.

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