Dining Out: Organic Frappes & Lattes

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The next time you head for your favorite organic coffeehouse, check to see whether it carries the Mocafe Organics line of mocha frappes from Aliso Viejo, California-based Innovative Beverage Concepts, Inc. The company has produced the first certified organic and Fair Trade frappes for baristas.


Beverage selections include Fair Trade Organic Dominican Forestero Cocoa Mocha, Organic Belizian Vanilla Latte and Organic Vera Cruz Caffe Latte. Even better, each mix contains no fat.

Baristas can add a shot of perfectly extracted organic, Fair Trade espresso to ice and milk to create “the ultimate blended mocha frappe, ” the company notes. Mocafe Organics packages its mixes in 10-lb. coffee bar boxes.

Why choose organic cocoa when you make organic food choices?

Cocoa is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world (along with coffee), and most major retail brands use nonorganic cocoas in their blended mocha mixes. Mocafe Organics’ cocoa beans come from 600 small-scale organic farmers in the Yacao project in the Dominican Republic. (Click here to learn how organic cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate.)

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