Dishwashing Detergent: Less Is More

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If your organic dinner has left your dishes a little too grungy, avoid the temptation to add “just a little more detergent” to your dishwasher’s well.


Excess detergent can make your dishes and glassware cloudy, according to Stephanie Hutaff, dishwasher product manager at Bosch, a leading appliance manufacturer based in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The cloudy appearance, she notes, is often erroneously dismissed as soap scum or dirt. In truth, you’re commonly seeing tiny abrasions caused by too much detergent.

Follow the directions on the detergent box or bottle, and use only as much as directed. With today’s high-efficiency dishwashers, Hutaff recommends using powered detergent instead of liquids or gels for best results.

“Just one tablespoon of detergent will clean most loads,” she says. “For best results, we recommend always pairing detergent with an automatic rinse agent.”

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