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By Susan Hyatt

The following article marks the debut of our weekly “Nurture Your Organic Spirit” column, to appear every Wednesday. Each week, experts will offer advice on motivation, health, stress management, organic living and personal development.


It seems like inspiration is everywhere when you look for it. Consider my latest source of joy, Harry Potter. I haven’t even seen the new movie, only the previews, and was moved to tears. My six-year-old daughter Emily thought this was rather amusing, as I passed the popcorn.


What struck me as so awesome while watching the preview of Harry Potter was a line that might not impress a lot of people, but I felt like he was speaking so brilliantly, and clearly, that I had to share it. In the trailer, Harry is trying to rally the other witch and wizard students to help him fight the newest dark enemy. Everyone is afraid. Protesting that they can’t. Impossible to do it. And Harry, in all of his Hollywood glory, says, “All truly great wizards started as nothing more than we are now. If they can do it, why not us?!” (Or something very similar. I was so knocked over that I could be hallucinating.)

Meaning, that everyone who is accomplished, enlightened, famous, notorious, self-made, etc...all started somewhere. And more often than not, they started on their quest against major obstacles.

As a coach, I try to encourage clients to imagine “what if?” What if I could go back to college and become a teacher? What if I did take a risk and open my own business? What would it be like to try and run a marathon? As humans, we come up with all sorts of interesting excuses as to why what we profess to be our greatest wish is impossible. I can’t go back to school because I don’t have the money. Who am I to think that I could open my own business? Running a marathon would be too hard. My answers: student loan, who are you not to open your own business, and so what? I realize that I am simplifying, but you get the picture. You have to start saying so what to welcome what might be so. (Someone really cool said that; I can’t remember who.)

Personally, I am working on two books. Occasionally, I’ll fall into the trap of listening to some self-limiting thoughts like “Who do you think you are to write a book?” But, you know, who am I not to? I have a lot to say. And I am going to “practice the Potter” and realize that all great authors, before their first book, sat in front of a blank paper or computer screen and took it one word at a time.

So, over the next week, try and notice when you are putting up your own roadblocks. Observe your thoughts and challenge them. They are only thoughts, and you can choose them. Ask yourself, “Who would I be without that thought?” If Harry Potter used his magic wand to eliminate the thought “I will never be a writer,” how would your day/week/year/life be different?

I’d be slaying chapters, dude!

Have a great day!


Susan Hyatt is a dynamic life coach, author, speaker and owner ofIdeal Life Design. She is passionate about helping clients create work/life balance and design their ideal lives. Copyright ©2007 Susan Hyatt.

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