Don't Sweat the Splatters

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(ARA) With advancements in environmentally friendly paint, you don’t have to worry about cooking splatters and spots in the kitchen, water marks in the steamy bathroom or remnants of your kids’ murals in the family room. In other words, using “green” paint doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or durability.


Products like Duration Home Interior Latex allow you to wipe away most smudges, spills and splatters with water or mild soap, without scrubbing. Its antimicrobial properties resist mildew and mold, making it a good choice for high-traffic kitchens, baths, hallways and children’s rooms—in short, anywhere long-lasting stain resistance is essential. The paint also eliminates the worry of unsightly burnish marks—those “shiny” spots that can appear when walls are cleaned or accidentally rubbed.

Look for an environmentally friendly paint that maintains its color without rubbing off. Ask salespeople how well the paint washes, including the deep, bold accent colors that are popular in today’s homes. In the past, a drawback to using bright hues was how poorly they washed, but new technology has created a smooth paint surface, ensuring enduring results.

In the long run, a vast number of environmentally friendly products abound. Refreshing your home with a splash of paint is a simple way to “green it,” without compromising on quality or spending a lot of green. 

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