Drink Organic Coffee, Support a Female Pilot


Now through Monday (July 24), Coeur d’Alene, Idaho-based Café Avion Coffee Roasting Co. is donating $1 to a scholarship fund for aspiring female pilots for every pound of Aviatrix blend organic coffee sold. All of the company’s coffees are certified organic, and most are fair trade-certified.

Aviatrix is a medium roast with notes of blueberry and spice, featuring beans from Indonesia, Africa and Central America. It’s “an exotic blend of intriguing coffees from three different origins of the world,” says Bart Shields, the company’s head roaster. “It’s my new favorite blend.”

Donations benefit the Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots that supports females in aviation. Scholarships, first established in 1940 to honor Amelia Earhart’s memory, help cover pilots’ flight training or tuition.

“There’s really no better way to promote our product than by supporting aviation, something we’re very passionate about,” says Café Avion Founder Denver Wilkinson. “The Ninety-Nines is a great organization to support.”

Aviatrix may be purchased from Café Avion’s website or by calling (877) 432-7890 (toll free). The company also offers a variety of organic single-origin coffees and signature blends, including Mexico Chiapas, Peru Café Femenino, Mystere Espresso and Sumatra Decaf.

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