Easy Organic Lawn Care Tip

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Want to give your lawn an advantage over heat, drought, weeds and bugs?

Set your mower to one of the highest cut settings, advise the experts from Scotts, a company known for numerous organic gardening products.

Roots will remain deep, and water will reach soil more effectively.

Longer blades of grass also:

  • Crowd out weeds
  • Capture more rainwater
  • Reduce moisture loss from soil
  • Make your lawn look greener

And while we’re on the subject, be sure to keep clippings so you can mow and feed your lawn at the same time. Clippings break down quickly, recycling nutrients back into the soil.

If clippings land on your driveway or sidewalk, return them to your lawn so they can feed it naturally.

Image Credit: Camera Lass

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