Eat Close to Home


As we continue celebrating Earth Week, one of the best ways to save energy is as close as your kitchen table.


Buying natural and organic foods from local sources helps protect the environment.

Stop by a neighborhood farmer's market or natural grocer that sells locally grown organic produce, and make a home-cooked meal with just these ingredients.

Once you accomplish this goal, try to prepare a full day’s meals with only locally grown menu ingredients. Then, continue the trend by prepping locally sourced meals for a full week.

Your efforts will pay off by supporting local farmers and reducing the energy used to transport food.

Did You Know?

Some of our national parks used to be sustainable farms, according to the National Park Foundation.

At the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in North Carolina, you can tour Mrs. Sandburg’s Connemara Farms Goat Dairy, which supplied community stores with fresh milk.

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