Eco-Conscious Housekeeping Services

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I can’t think of too many people who look forward to cleaning their homes.

Sure, we’ll dust, do laundry and avenge the gods of clutter, but scrubbing floors, tubs and toilets seldom makes anyone’s Top 10 list of enjoyable pastimes. Even my 20-year-old nephew, a college sophomore, has a cleaning woman who sanitizes his studio apartment.

If you employ a housekeeper, maid or professional cleaning service, you can ensure your green-cleaning standards will be met if you supply all cleaning products. Other services bring their own cleaning supplies, which ups the convenience factor and saves clients the expense of buying products. In many cases, however, these crews will use industrial-strength, toxic cleaning agents that you don’t want in your home.

The solution?

Hire an eco-friendly cleaning service that brings natural, nontoxic, organic and other chemical-free cleansers to your home.

For example, EcoMaids, which serves communities in Iowa, New Jersey and New York, will handle spring/seasonal cleaning, laundry, standard housekeeping tasks, kitchens, bathrooms and the like. The company’s cleaning products “represent the very latest in 21st-century bio-based green cleaning chemistry.”

Here in Los Angeles, Green Clean LA “offers an alternative to regular cleaning services. We are passionate about helping to educate and inform our clients so that the choices they make are conscious choices.” In additional to residential cleaning, the company offers professional janitorial services, education and consulting.

The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association offers a directory of U.S. and international green cleaning services. You can also check your local Yellow Pages for green cleaning services in your area.

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