Ed Begley Jr.: There's Something for Everyone on Thanksgiving

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If you’re faced with pleasing a variety of dietary preferences this Thanksgiving, plan a menu that has something for everyone.


A great place to start? The stuffing—a Thanksgiving menu “must.”

You can delight your guests by offering more than one kind, and you can also vary the ingredients for specific dietary needs.

“Thanksgiving brings everyone to the table,” says actor Ed Begley Jr. (right), host of Living With Ed on Planet Green and author of Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life. “It’s a loving gesture of hospitality to plan a menu that reflects everyone’s tastes and special needs.”

Begley adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in 1970, and one of his favorite recipes is Savory Nut and Vegetable Stuffing. (We’ll post it tomorrow, so be sure to tune in.)

For an all-inclusive Thanksgiving, consider beginning some new traditions:

  • Plan your menu with guests’ special dietary needs in mind.
  • Ask your guests for special recipes you can prepare.
  • Have a Thanksgiving mini “pot luck.” Guests with special dietary needs and traditions are often happy to bring a dish to share with others.
  • Serve buffet style, and label dishes sugar-free, natural/organic, vegetarian, kosher, low-fat and/or dairy-free.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Cubbinson’s Stuffing

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