Embracing “Green”


Environmental activist Wendy Abrams has some interesting insights into the American psyche.


“Despite significant efforts, the problem of global warming still feels overwhelming to most people,” says the founder of Cool Globes, a nonprofit organization that helps raise awareness of global warming through art.

The group’s amazing project, featuring more than 120 large globes designed by artists and children, tours the country and will make an Earth Day appearance at Exposition Park in Los Angeles (April 22 to July 23) before heading to London this summer. Click here to view the Globe Gallery.

“Americans have been encouraged to ‘go green,’ but there exists a sense of helplessness and skepticism that individual efforts to address climate change could really have an impact,” Abrams says. “And what does it really mean to ‘go green’? Americans like to think big, but in this case that's not always necessary. Small actions have an impressive impact; the actions really do add up.”

For Cool Globes’ green tips, click here.

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