Experts Speak Out on Global Warming (Part 2)


Last week, I posted Part 1 of this series, which features comments by experts on our global-warming crisis. This week, two more experts share their concerns about climate change.


E. Christa Farmer, PhD, Assistant Professor of Geology, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

“Humans have significantly increased the concentrations of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Bubbles of ancient air trapped in ice indicate that we have raised levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, at least 30% higher than any level that has existed in the past 500,000 years.

“If more heat is being moved from the tropical regions to the higher latitudes, it’s entirely likely we will experience more severe weather-related disasters. We should be investing money in energy efficiency, alternative carbon-free energy sources and perhaps even sequestration of the carbon already in the atmosphere.”

Lara Hansen, PhD, Senior Scientist,World Wildlife Fund

“Everything on the planet is being affected by climate change. It’s not a problem of the future; it’s a problem now. If we continue on the trajectory we are on, the Baltimore oriole will no longer live in Maryland, where it is the state bird. It will live much further north. It’s moving up to Canada. We won’t have enough cold winters in Vermont, and all maple syrup will be in Canada; that will be where the line of cool-enough weather is.

“Climate change isn’t a contentious issue among scientists. The belief that it is, is actually generated by the belief that in order to create balanced news coverage of climate change, you need to present both sides of the story. That’s just not appropriate. It is like doing a story on geography and having to include an opinion about how the Earth was quite possibly flat.” publishes science news so organic consumers have access to the latest information on climate change and threats to our environment. You can view more posts on climate change by visiting the Environment Section of our blog.

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