Experts Speak Out on Global Warming (Part 3)


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  • Part 1: Global-warming activist Laurie David and geologist James Russell, PhD
  • Part 2: Geologist E. Christa Farmer, PhD,and World Wildlife Fund scientist Lara Hansen, PhD

Ed Winarski, CEO, Optimum Applied Systems

“As the heated battle for the world’s last remaining oil and natural gas reserves rages on, we must take steps toward ending our fossil fuel addiction. Most people single out ‘gas-guzzling’ SUVs as symbols of waste, but, in fact, commercial office buildings consume more than 65% of all electricity in the U.S. That’s 36% of all energy and almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of utilizing energy-saving technologies in our nation’s office buildings are far-reaching.”

Mary C. Pearl, PhD, President, Wildlife Trust

“Global warming is impacting wildlife worldwide. As the global surface temperature continues to rise, parts of the world’s system of parks and protected areas will no longer provide necessary habitat for many of the plants and animals they were created to conserve. The exquisitely co-evolved timing of some migratory species’ movements and the flowering and fruiting of their food sources will be jostled out of synchrony. Temperature affects the life histories of many insects, including those that spread disease to people, such as mosquitoes and ticks. We can expect loss of wildlife and impacts on health due to climate change.”

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