Experts Speak Out on Global Warming (Part 5)

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  • Part 1: Global-warming activist Laurie David and geologist James Russell, PhD
  • Part 2: Geologist E. Christa Farmer, PhD,and World Wildlife Fund scientist Lara Hansen, PhD
  • Part 3: Optimum Applied Systems CEO Ed Winarski and Wildlife Trust President Mary C. Pearl, PhD 
  • Part 4: Marc L. Lame, PhD, lecturer in environmental science at Indiana University

Dan Gerding, Managing Principal, Gerding Collaborative, LLC


Gerding Collaborative, LLC, is an Atlanta-based architecture firm that seeks ecologically sensitive solutions to promote responsible use of energy, land and water resources for commercial, institutional and residential clients.

“The debate about whether or not global warming is real is over. It has been estimated that the construction and operation of buildings contributes to approximately half of all greenhouse gases, resulting from human activity. Recognizing the need for aggressive action, the building design and construction industry is taking a proactive approach to rising global temperatures by constructing the next generation of sustainable buildings with higher efficiencies and reduced environmental footprints. Besides being good for the world as a whole, these buildings provide superior environments for those who work, live and play in them.”

Jagadish Shukla, PhD, President, Institute of Global Environment, and Professor/Chair of the Department of Climate Dynamics, George Mason University

Dr. Shukla was the 2005 recipient of the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Medal, the highest honor the American Meteorological Society bestows upon an atmospheric scientist.

“The changes we have already seen in the past 100 years are unprecedented, with respect to the past 400,000 years of our planet’s history. Our results suggest that the consensus of all climate models may be an underestimate of how much change could be in store.” publishes science news so organic consumers have access to the latest information on climate change and threats to our environment. You can view more posts by visiting the Environment Section of our blog.

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