Facing Earth’s Demise

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At the end of the 21st century, could life as we know it come to an end?


It’s a disturbing environmental possibility, unless we wake up and smell the greenhouse gases.

Reporter Bob Woodruff explores the “perfect storm” of population growth, resource depletion and climate change over the next 100 years in Earth 2100, a two-hour ABC News special that will air Tuesday evening (9–11 p.m.).

Program simulations include famine leading to massacre in San Diego and unprecedented drought in Las Vegas. But they also feature positive examples: solar-powered buildings in New York City and the townspeople of Greensburg, Kansas, harnessing the power of wind and rain to rebuild their city after 2007’s devastating tornado. Each scenario is based on predictions from prominent scientists who understand we’re at a critical environmental crossroads.

“If we continue on the business-as-usual trajectory, there will be a tipping point that we cannot avert,” Harvard University Professor John Holdren, PhD, science adviser to President Obama, tells Woodruff. “We will indeed drive the car over the cliff.”

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Photo: ABC News/Donna Svennevik

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