Fall Entertaining: Pair Artisan Sausages With Wine

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Artisan sausages have become extremely popular, and they’re readily available in natural and organic food stores. Paired with wine, they can be the star of any fall dinner party. 


The following tips have been provided by the experts at Don Sebastiani & Sons and Emeril’s Smoked Sausage. Tune in tomorrow for a Stuffed Mushrooms recipe that pairs gourmet sausage with Syrah, a full-bodied red wine. 

  • Savory and sweet flavors, as in chicken and apple sausages, will shine with a Viognier (an exotic wine with layers of ripe honeydew, vanilla and vanilla custard). 
  • Tart and tangy flavors, as in sun-dried tomato sausages, are even more delicious with a Pinot Noir—a wine with balanced flavors of fruit and soft tannins. 
  • Combine herb flavors, as in chicken pesto sausages, with a deep and rich Merlot. 
  • Pair garlic- and red-wine-flavored sausages with a blackberry-like Cabernet Sauvignon. 
  • Spicy flavors are complemented by an equally spicy Syrah. 
  • Hot and spicy flavors, as in habañero and green chile sausages, go well with a crisp, fruity Chardonnay.

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